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Tipsy VP 29 January 2019: 6 Tips on Marketing to Generation Z

Born between the mid-1990s to mid-200s, Gen Z kids have never seen the world without the Internet. They makeup 7 billion of the world’s population with incredibly high spending power but are conservative spenders. Here are tips on how to market to this gold mine of a generation.

Facebook has had a turbulent year in 2018. One of the main reason why Facebook has been taking the full brunt of scandals was that Facebook being the only largest Social Media platform paving way for an entirely new industry.


Both the company and regulators have learned a lot since then, and here are some things Facebook may be focusing on for 2019


  • Beefing Up Security


They will be performing a 3-step security sweep throughout its entire system to make Facebook safer for us all.


First is SCAN: by finding out which 3rd party apps violate their terms of use, and creating restrictive measures to limit this.


RESTRICT: having done the audits, Facebook will ban those who violated the terms of use, and apply limited time access to user data (meaning 3rd party apps will be given a short period of time to access the data, after which will be revoked from them).


CONTROL: Facebook will continue to give users more control over what we allow or disallow other apps access to. This is very tricky because, first off Facebook’s settings are very difficult to understand, and secondly apps always threaten to not allow usage if we don’t give full permission.


  • Facebook Stories Will Be Bigger Than Newsfeed


It is already happening, and Facebook knows Stories will be the key to solving all of their viral fake news problems.


There are 2 problems here for them to figure out:

  1. How to get users to move from the ever successful addiction to Newsfeed
  2. How to monetise Stories as well, if not better than, Newsfeed, without bringing up the ads price.


  • Messaging Will Be The New Frontier


Facebook has been trailing WeChat in this avenue, which they see great potential in. Here are some ways they can improve messaging in 2019:

  1. Improve Bots for Customer Service
  2. Monetising WhatsApp
  3. Bringing Mobile Payment to the messaging apps WhatsApp and Messenger


  • The Future is Video


With Facebook Watch, IGTV, Facebook Live, Stories, Lasso and LOL, Facebook is really throwing a lot of spaghettis on the wall and seeing which one sticks.

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