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Social Media Weekly 22 January 2019

This Week: Facebook develops yet another video feed for teens, Squad is a new social media platform only kids appreciate, Facebook working on cross-posting to Instagram, Facebook got a new Podcast, Instagram selling ads to services they banned last year

Facebook Developing Yet Another Video Feed For Teens

After the failure of Facebook Watch, IGTV and Lasso, Facebook is now trying another approach with a new kind of feed called LOL.

Quick update: Lasso was a TikTok equivalent that Facebook launched back in November 2018 which didn’t amount to anything.

LOL is a special feed of funny videos and GIF clips, which are separated into categories like For You, Animals, Random, Memes, and more.

LOL is currently in private beta in the US, being circulated among high school kids.

Squad is a New Social Media Platform That Only Kids Will Appreciate

It’s essentially a video chat app with a screen-share function added to it. Most of us may not know this, but kids these days love spending hours upon hours on video chats with their friends while at home.

Squad lets them share their screens as well, thanks to the ReplayKit added into iOS devices last year. While it seems very simple on the outset, the technology couldn’t keep up with this function until just now.

Firstly is the ReplayKit feature on iOS that lets users share their screens, which will most probably come to Android very soon by default. Second is the upcoming 5G network that will make all these heavy duty data movements seamless.

So if you think you dirty talking with your crush then deleting your chat will keep you safe, think again. Soon, their friends will be able to see everything you type as you type them.


Facebook Working to Add More Cross-Posting Functions to Instagram

Instagram has been allowing us to cross-post to Facebook for the longest time, with the switch of a button. The same is true with Stories as well. Now we can post from Facebook and share to Instagram, too. When we post text updates on Facebook, it will recommend pictures from our Camera Gallery you can add so it will publish it on Instagram for you.

Now that the heads of Instagram have left, Facebook is trying to very quickly change things around. Since Instagram has been doing well because it’s nothing like Facebook, will these new connections destroy the Instagram ecosystem?


Facebook Just Got a New Podcast.

You get a podcast, she gets a podcast. Everyone gets a podcast!

Three and a Half Degrees is a new podcast by the company’s business operations team that talks about daily challenges and lessons learnt in the office.

Facebook’s VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships David Fischer says “Through the podcast, we hope to celebrate the journeys of entrepreneurs and business leaders on our platform, and scale their inspiring lessons and learnings to others”.


Instagram Seen Selling Ads to Accounts It Threatened to Ban Last Year

Last November, Instagram announced that it will ban services that sell fake Followers or automatically follow and unfollow accounts. They are still selling ad slots to them.  

A recent investigation done by TechCrunch found 17 services selling fake followers or automatic notification spam for luring in followers that were openly advertising on Instagram. After TechCrunch reported this, Instagram told them they would remove the ads and ban the accounts. One day later, those ads were still there.

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