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The CEO’s Note: On The Perfection of Social Presence

The crowd’s attention was caught when I said, “You Don’t have to be perfect to be on Social Media. In fact, it’s better not to be perfect.”


I recently hosted a 2-hour workshop for small business owners, alongside a business coach. It was a hall filled with people from various industries. There were beauticians, watchmakers, swim school operators, sports timekeepers, and many more. I started by introducing the industry as a whole and narrow down to what businesses should focus on when managing Digital Marketing platforms.

For example, we cannot use Social Media as an Advertisement tool and Email Marketing is a closed environment that cannot grow by itself. Then I showed the difference between Vanity and Actionable Metrics, citing the famous book Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Proper adoption of the latter is crucial to moving the business forward. I also taught them how to apply the Test, Measure and Learn Cycle on their marketing plans.


What I Learned: Social Presence Perfection

Despite all the information I shared with them, they felt particularly taken by one simple note: Social Media is not about perfection. It didn’t dawn on me that most business people shy away from committing to Social Media mainly because they are always waiting to be perfect. They were afraid of the negative feedback from their audience, and they were afraid of any PR nightmares that might ensue. But then I realized that many business people who grew up in a generation where all forms of media are properly polished and coiffed, and it was difficult for them to accept the new media form that is raw and filled with errors.

I explained that Social Media is the one platform where their audience wants to connect with the people behind the brand. It is this personal and intimate connection that creates loyalty. And these relationships are not about perfection, in fact, the opposite. Humans are not perfect, and we all know that.

I am a big proponent of Pascal’s Wager: If I do it, there’s a 50% chance of me screwing up. But if I don’t, there’s a 100% chance of nothing happening. If a PR fallout does happen, how we deal with it honestly and sincerely can help boost our credibility. “Humans make mistakes, but how we react to it reflects on our values as a company”.

Maybe I should spend a little more time talking about this if I ever speak again in the future.



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